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Mr. Rahul Kumar

Laxmi Nagar, New Delhi - India

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Proposal For Digital Marketing & Training Institute


1. Project Background

2. Project Objectives

3. Project Procedure

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Project Background

The city of New Delhi seeks a redesign of the existing website. The existing site was built in 2015; & while it has served the city well, technology and expectations have changed to enable the city to build a better site to serve the community. The city is looking for a distinctive modern site to reflect the diversity, character, & uniqueness of New Delhi. It needs to be responsive for mobile devices, intuitive to easily find information to the entire community & visitors.

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Project Objectives

The City of New Delhi seeks a responsive, browser independent website to function as a key information resource for the community. The proposed website will use a Digital Marketing platform with a clear, intuitive, & easily searchable design so that members of the community, businesses, & visitors are able to maximize their enjoyment of living, working, or even visiting the city for the first time. The city provides a diverse list of services to the community. While many of the services are administered through subordinate sites, the city’s website will function as a gateway and “one-stop-shop” to provide access to all that New Delhi has to offer. While there's a lot of important content on the existing site, We feel that the design & navigation of the site should also be fun. There's so much the city has to offer & we feel, through superior design, that we can convey the dynamic energy & diversity to all who visit the site.

Technology Department & Communication

To accomplish the above, the site must be easy to maintain & easy to update with new content. Blogs & social media should engage the public to return & seek out what is happening. Administrators in the Information Technology Department & Communication & Public Engagement Division & content editors in each of the City’s departments will all be able to add new information to the site, as needed. Since the site will require timely updates,

Designing & Styling

Designing & Styling

The process to update must be simple & efficient using several sections or template types & corresponding cascading style sheets so the current & future staff will be able to easily update the content, news, calendar, building data, & generally maintain the site. The site will be search engine optimized & designed with page load speeds to provide an enjoyable user experience. We believe the site should be simple yet visually appealing with the type that is easy to read, uncluttered pages, & dynamic use of imagery, video, & other devices. The home page will highlight blogs & social media posts to engage the public.

Project Procedure

In this phase of the web design project we gather the project requirements & detail stakeholder needs to develop formal solutions & document all the City of New Delhi goals. It’s this research & discussion that helps the project process go smoothly & ensure that we have all the requirements, needs, & “wishlist” items identified. We believe the design process is a collaboration that fuses our creative strengths with your in-depth understanding to produce a website that will exceed expectations.

Project Planning

During this phase, we will have project meetings with the Information Technology Department, Communication & Public Engagement Division staff, as well as, any other staff needed to review design ideas, gather content, review layouts, & set requirements for subordinate sites, etc. It's not within the scope of this project to correct any accessibility issues regarding sub-domains. Lsk Systems Support Solution can also provide the client with a designated log-in & password to access our project management software, where all project communication can filter.

Website Design

Integral to the success of Lsk Systems Support Solution will be the design process and creating a professional face for the new website. The site must be clean & sophisticated, present information in a way that is useful to the user, & allows the user to quickly locate what is needed. To that end, Lsk Systems Support Solution will work closely with the client to create a design that meets with their approval while drawing on their own experience in city management. All designs will be responsive to maximize the users experience on mobile devices.


Website Development

Lsk Systems Support Solution will utilize WordPress CMS to develop the website and provide maximum flexibility to maintain and update the site for the City of New Delhi. There are certain key design features that will be built into the overall design and each will need to be approved by the client before the final design is accepted. Those features are:

1. Navigation: It is particularly important to create a navigational system that is available on every page maintains the overall feel of the site while making the site intuitive & easy to locate data & information.

2. Colors: The design will be built around a coordinated color palette that will provide the professional, yet simple look as determined by the City of New Delhi while maintaining the cohesiveness of the website.

3. Fonts: The fonts’ family, size & color combine to maintain a professional and cohesive feel.

4. Layout: The design must consider the content that will appear in the site to ensure its usefulness & readability. Certain elements will need to be highlighted more so than others, so Lsk Systems Support Solution will work with the client to determine what the best layout should be.

5. Overall: Once all the elements are pulled together, the client will determine if the design meets their needs and the needs of the community.